Dolomitwerk Jettenberg


Healthy water with Semidol

  • is a dolomitic filter-material approved under DIN EN 1017 and DIN 2000 for the processing of drinking water, swimming-pool water, industrial water, also to de-acidise water and for the removal of iron, manganese and silicates contained in the water
  • is a high-quality product that is produced from pure dolomite.
    Ca CO3 . Mg CO3 -> Ca CO3 . MgO  + CO2
    Dolomite                ->       Semidol + carbondioxide
    The content of pure CaCO3 * MgO is higher than 99 %; the product has therefore an ideal stoichio-metric composition.
    The content of anorganic accompanying substan-ces remains far below the allowed purity require-ments laid down in the DIN and DIN EN specifications.
  • is therefore highly suitable for use as a filter-material.
  • is white because it is pure; its grain is homoge-nous, porous, with a rough surface and free of fissures.
  • reacts neutrally on other like substances.
    The change-over to this filter-material can be done at any time without causing problems.
    Filters already operating can be refilled with this filter-material regardless of like media it may con-tain.
    The fact that the original material remains the same and the high standard of technological pro-cessing ensure constant quality which is controlled regularly.
  • has been examined by several institutes for its chemical and physical properties.
    The average values obtained by a complete ana-lysis show impressively that the product meets the specifications of DIN EN 1017, Typ A to an out-standing degree.
    I. Determination of the grain size under DIN ISO 3310:
    The filter-medium retains the tolerance limits spe-cified in DIN EN 1017, Typ A.
Chemische Vollanalyse
Loss on ignition 33,0 % HCI (1:1) unlösl. 0,12 %
CaO 39,3 % TiO2 0,01 %
SiO 0,31 % freies CaO 0,2 %
MgO 27,3 % Fe2O3 0,011 %
Al2O3 0,11 % K2O 0,02 %
  • fulfills the purity requirements for " Stoffgruppe 1 (anorganical acids, bases and salts)" - means:
    Substance group 1 (anorgan. Säuren, Basen und Salze) German Federal law gazette, BGBI Part I from 23 Dec. 1977; the heavy-metal values remain far below the specifications of DIN EN 1017,Typ A.
    It also conforms with the "Verordnung über Trinkwasser und über Brauchwasser für Lebensmittel-betriebe" - means: Regulation on drinking water and water used in food processing plants, BGBI Part I form 15 Feb. 1975.
  • has a porosity of 14,4 %.
    Bulk density, depending on the grain size is 1,1 – 1,2 t/m³.
    With 1,28 g of semidol per gramm of converted CO2, the consumption is very low and therefore highly economical.
  • is available in the following grain sizes: 0: 0,5 – 1,2 mm I: 0,5 – 2,5 mm II: 2,0 – 4,5 mm III: 4,0 – 7,0 mm
    Special production of other grain sizes is possible.
  • is delivered:
    - in loose form by silo truck
    - in plastic sacks of 25 kg each, or on pallets of 40 sacks wrapped-  - in plastic from plant or, on request, franco domicile