About us

Since 1953, the so-called Ramsau dolomite has been mined in Oberjettenberg. Dolomite is a sedimentary rock and in this deposit about 250 million years old. Dolomite from Oberjettenberg belongs to the purest dolomite deposits in Europe.


  • 1953: Beginning of Mining
  • 70s: Construction of a production plant and start of deliveries to the glass and drinking water industries
  • 1996: Construction of a new production plant
  • 2006: Construction of a new kiln
  • 2013: A new permit secures the deposit for the next years
  • Ongoing Investments and optimizations in the process


In 1996/97 the new production plant was built and put into operation. In order to keep the quality from the deposit during the processing, the plant was designed to keep the amount of possible abrasives at a minimum. We pay attention to a high, constant quality and to a high redundancy for a safe supply in our process.