Dolomite is economically important due to its magnesium carbonate content and its mineral and physical properties. In addition to applications in the iron and steel industry for slag formation and the production of refractory bricks, its use as a glass raw material, as a filter material for drinking water and as a filler with specific properties should be mentioned. With a purity of > 99.5 %, Ramsaudolomite is very well suited for applications in the industrial or chemical sector.

Dolomite for glass

The most important MgO raw material for glass production is the natural mineral dolomite. The MgO of dolomite contributes to the improvement of viscosity and thermal shock resistance in all glass processes. It suppresses the crystallization tendency of pure soda-lime glasses and allows the reduction of the soda content in the batch.

Our raw material with low decripitation, very low iron value and uniform quality is suitable for use in glasses with high transmission, e.g. solar glass, white architectural glass but also flacons and medical glass. Depending on the glass quality and the melting furnace, finely ground dolomite products and calcined dolomite can also be used.

Glas with different iron contents and resulting green tint

Dolomite for drinking water

Clean and healthy drinking water is our most important foodstuff. Depending on the region and the origin of the raw water, water suppliers have to go to considerable lengths to provide pure drinking water.

By binding corrosive carbonic acid components in the raw water, re-mineralizing it with the important calcium and magnesium ions and removing iron and manganese components from the raw water, our partially calcined dolomite SEMIDOL® contributes to high drinking water quality.

SEMIDOL® naturally complies with DIN EN 1017 and requires significantly smaller filter quantities than pure calcium carbonates. Pure calcite filters, on the other hand, can be replaced by dolomite without any problems and thus additionally maintain vital Mg ions in the drinking water.

Dolomite as a filler and for construction

Like other minerals, dolomite is used as a building material and filler in a wide variety of products. The high whiteness of dolomite from Oberjettenberg and the higher density of dolomite compared to limestone make it interesting for a wide variety of filler and building material products, e.g. in plasters, mortars, fillers, construction chemical products, adhesives, plastics, paints, varnishes and in other applications. Due to its formation, dolomite particles tend to break cubically and have a positive influence on the rheology of many products.